Friends of Raymond Andrews call him a family man who loved to scare people, but who was also always there for them.

Andrews was a member of the Nightmare Factory in Havelock who died too soon, according to close friend China Yates. She said he had worked with the Nightmare Factory for 5 years.

“He was here from the time we started building to the day we opened,” Yates said.

Andrews had been at a meeting at the Nightmare Factory Wednesday night, to get ready for the upcoming Halloween season, according to Yates.

Friends told NewsChannel 12 Andrews was a fan of guns, and one of his friends was showing a gun to him outside the Nightmare Factory.

Friends said the gun was not loaded when Andrews was initially handling it. He then gave the gun back to the owner, who loaded it, friends said.

But Andrews did not know the gun became loaded and jokingly held the weapon up to his head and shot him, friends said. Andrews died from his injuries.

Another friend and co-worker, Eric Diggers said this accident has been very hard on everyone.

“You're never really prepared to lose someone that you spend so much time with that you care about--especially do sudden,” Diggers said.

Diggers said Andrews was known as a remarkable human being -- who loved to joke and laugh. He loved to perform as The Doctor or Diddles the Clown during the Nightmare Factory’s season, according to Yates.

Friends left him messages on the walls and lit candles in his memory during the ceremony.

“I think he would have loved it. Just to have everybody together even though it's not the season,” Yates said.

Diggers said they plan to memorialize Andrews in this year's haunted house theme.


Police said no charges will be filed in the shooting that killed a man outside a haunted house business in Craven County.

Raymond David Andrews, 22, of New Bern, was killed outside the Nightmare Factory, located on Park Lane off Highway 70 in Havelock, said investigators. He was an employee at the business.

According to the Havelock Police Department, officers responded to the shooting at about 6:36 p.m. Wednesday.

Once officers arrived, they found Andrews with a single gunshot wound to the head in the parking lot of the Nightmare Factory, police said. Havelock Fire/EMS paramedic staff tried to revive Andrews, but he was pronounced dead.

Police said they learned that Andrews and a friend/coworker were discussing and looking at firearms while standing in the parking lot beside Andrews's vehicle. At one point during the conversation, the friend unloaded his gun and handed it to Andrews, who then began to dry fire the weapon while still talking with his friend, according to investigators.

Andrews then returned the firearm to the friend, who reloaded the gun as Andrews went to get a second firearm from his vehicle, police said. As Andrews handed the second gun to his friend, Andrews took the now loaded firearm and placed it on the front passenger seat of his vehicle, said police.

While Andrews and his friend talked about the second firearm, two additional coworkers/friends joined in the conversation, police said. That was when Andrews reached into his vehicle and took out the loaded firearm that he placed on his passenger seat, said investigators. Andrews then cocked the gun and placed it to his head. The weapon was discharged, causing a significant head wound to Andrews, according to police.

Investigators said they talked with the witnesses and reviewed a surveillance video. Based on the evidence, police determined that Andrews was either unaware that the firearm had been reloaded, or he was distracted by the conversation with his friends, causing him to forget the firearm had been reloaded.

Police said they talked about the case with District Attorney Scott Thomas, and have concluded that Andrews' death was an accident. No charges will be filed.


A man was killed in an accidental shooting outside a haunted house business in Craven County, friends of the victim told NewsChannel 12.