Man jailed under $1M bond on sex, kidnapping charges involving minor

Man jailed under $1M bond on sex, kidnapping charges involving minor

PITT COUNTY - A Pitt County man is being held under a $1 million bond for allegedly picking up a minor he had met on the internet to have sex with her.

According to the Pitt County Sheriff's Office, investigators were notified of a juvenile reported missing on Sept. 21.

When the juvenile returned home on Sept. 22, deputies learned that she had been picked up in Martin County by 24-year-old Becton Earl Briley Jr., the Sheriff's Office stated. Briley then allegedly took the juvenile to his home on Oakley Road near the Pitt-Martin County line, where he had sex with the victim, deputies said.

Briley told investigators he had met the juvenile on the internet and thought she was 19. Briley's father, Brecton Briley Sr., said hig son told him the juvenile had an ID saying she was 19. "When they go by a person's ID that says they're 19 years old what do you do? Teenagers this day in time, they're dressing up like they're 20 years old," said Briley Sr.

Briley Sr.  says when his son found out about the charges "he kept calling me on the phone, he's worried wanting to know what to do, what to do. He was just all to pieces man, it just tore his world up. He ain't never been in no serious trouble. Never."

Briley turned himself in to deputies on Wednesday and has been charged with one count of first-degree kidnapping and one count of statutory rape. He is being held under a $1 million bond at the Pitt County Detention Center.

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