Man Faces 27 Charges in Child Sex Abuse Case

ONSLOW COUNTY - An Onslow County man turns himself in Monday on child sex abuse charges.

Calvin Lee Tenhet, 40, of 106 Manchester Lane in Holly Ridge, faces 27 charges for multiple child sex offenses happening during the past six yeas, according to Onslow County detectives.

Detectives say this investigation began on June 25, after a 15-year-old boy told his mother about the sex offenses.  The boy says the sex acts started when he was nine years old.

An Onslow County Sheriff's Office Forensic Specialist examined Tenhet's computer after the victim described events that would be on the computer.  From June 25, 2012, until July 29, 2012, the Sheriff's Specialist examined the computer's hard drive and discovered approximately 1200 photos of pornography and illicit sex scenes.

Tenhet is charged with Indecent Liberties with a Child, Felony Child Abuse-Sexual Act, 1st Degree Statutory Sex Offenses, Statutory Rape or Sex Offense of person who is 13, 14, or 15 Years old by a Defendant that is at least 6 years older than the
Victim, 2nd Degree Sexual Exploitation of a minor and 2nd Degree Sexual Offense.

Tenhet is being held in the Onslow County Jail on a more than $1.4 Million bond.

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