Man dies in crash near son's crash site

Two Fatal Accidents Within Same Family

WASHINGTON - Beaufort County Highway Patrol is investigating after Christopher Joe Spain, 41, crashed his car early Friday morning and died.

Trooper Joshua Gerard says this happened on Betsy Elbow Road, near Slatestone road in Washington.

Officials got the call just after 4:30 a.m. Friday morning. However, they believe the wreck happened sometime after 3 a.m.

Troopers say Spain's pickup truck ran off the road to the right and hit a tree head on.
Authorities believe Spain's truck was going too fast for the curve.

Spain's son, Christopher Spain Jr., died last year in a car accident on Slatestone Road, about a mile from where the latest wreck happened.

Trey Whitley has known the family for years. He said he couldn't believe this was happening all over again.

"It was kinda guess you could say devastating in a way. It always sucks to hear it was someone you knew and somewhat cared about to just die like that especially when his one and only son died just a year ago right around the corner," Whitley said.

Trooper Gerard says it is unknown at this time if alcohol was a factor.

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