Man builds sand sculpture to pay tribute to Marines

EMERALD ISLE, CARTERET COUNTY - It has become an annual tradition for one Carteret County man on Memorial Day-- building a sand sculpture to honor the fallen.

Ken Ewan told NewsChannel 12 he completed his latest sand sculpture Sunday to honor the Marines who have defended this country. The sculpture, depicting the Marine Corps logo surrounded by American flags, is near the 7,000 block of Ocean Drive in Emerald Isle.

Ewan said it took about five hours to build.

Ewan told NewsChannel 12 he flies out of Jacksonville quite a bit, and usually sees many Marines on his flights. He said he became inspired by them.

"I've been impressed with both their youth and commitment, so I thought this year to be a little bit more specific with the tribute," Ewan said.

You may also remember the sand sculpture Ewan created last year to pay tribute to our fallen service members. CLICK HERE TO VIEW LAST YEAR'S SCULPTURE.

Ewan added that he would usually build something on the Fourth of July and Labor Day too.

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