Man Arrested, Accused of Serial Indecent Exposure

Morehead City Women Flashed over Six Month Period

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MOREHEAD CITY - Investigators said a serial exposer is now in custody, ending a six month search for a man who flashed four women across Morehead City.

John Leroy Chadwick of Pine Knoll Shores is accused of waiting for women in Morehead City parking lots, looking for an opportunity to expose himself.

Maj. Garland Terry of the MCPD said in an interview Tuesday the suspect followed a similar pattern in each of the four incidents reported since February.

"[Chadwick] would be parked in a car in a public area, and of course he would have the door open," Terry said. "When people went by, they could see the act he was performing."

Police said Chadwick flashed four women in plain sight, in locations ranging from businesses on Little Nine Road to a church parking lot. Terry said the suspect apparently wanted to be seen.

"All of [the incidents] were daytime. All broad daylight... He knew that he had been observed by the females."

Three exposure incidents happened between February and March. The fourth and final incident happened Monday around 11:00 a.m. at Morehead Plaza. Police said the fourth victim called 911 quick enough for officers to converge on the area before the suspect could travel far.

Officers pulled over Chadwick in his car at the intersection of 25th and Bridges streets. His description matched the one announced on an all points bulletin, and after a brief interview, Chadwick was brought into custody.

According to police reports, before Monday's incident, Chadwick last flashed a woman in front of the Carteret County Health Department in March.

Terry commented that he was glad to take a man accused of indecent exposure off the streets, but ensuring the incidents do not happen again is his larger concern.

"We will hopefully ultimately get him some help," said Terry. "That's your main goal."

Chadwick was placed in the Carteret County Jail, but was admitted to a local hospital after police said he suffered from emotional distress. The 37-year-old suspect is charged with four counts of indecent exposure and is still in custody under a $5,000 bond.

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