Greenville Police have arrested a man they say is responsible for multiple break-ins, including two church properties.

Police say shortly before 1 o'clock Wednesday morning, they responded to an in-progress church break-in at a storage unit outside the Vision Phase III International Outreach Center on Raleigh Avenue in Greenville. They were already nearby because they were patrolling the area due to other recent break-ins.

When they arrived, they set up a perimeter around the church and captured 40-year-old Anthony Lee McNair, who was allegedly trying to escape by scaling a 15-foot wall in the back of the church.

"If you're going to break into somewhere don't break into God's house. Don't break into the church, I mean, unless you're gonna go in there and get some religion that time of night," said Eloise Little, who witnessed the entire thing.

Police say McNair was found in possession of bolt cutters, gloves, two extension cords, a pry tool, grill, propane tank, and pressure washer. Some of the items had been removed from the storage building within the fenced area of the church.

Officers continued their patrol, and discovered there had been additional break-ins at a shed outside the Sutton Amusement Company and the Cavalry Church. Both of those locations are in the same area. Police say in all three cases, the suspect cut through a bolt lock to get inside. 

"Whether they're a believer or a non-believer I would think that they don't fear the wrath of God. You know, 'cause vengeance is mine said the Lord," said Angenette Wiley, Secretary at the Cavalry Church. "Maybe you need to get to know Christ. And you would think twice before you try to do something like this again."

McNair has been charged with breaking and entering a place of worship, felony breaking and entering, felony breaking and entering of a trailer, three counts of damage to property, and felony possession of burglary tools. He was placed in the Pitt County Detention Center under a $55,000 secured bond.

He has an extensive history including B&E, Felony Larceny, Kidnapping and numerous other charges dating back to 1994.