Man accused of killing puppy with shovel

Authorities charge John Bruder, 30, with cruelty to animals

Man accused of killing puppy with shovel

NEWPORT - A Carteret Count man is charged with stealing and killing his cousin's dog.

John Bruder, 30, was charged Friday with larceny of a dog and animal cruelty, according to court records. 

Bruder's cousin, Jessica Hamby, said Bruder took her miniature pinscher mix, Onox, from her Newport home late Wednesday night. Investigators were told Bruder later beat the dog several times over the head with a shovel. The dog had to be put down because of its injuries.

"I never in a million years thought he would hurt any animal, let alone my animal," Hamby said.

The dog was 9 months old.

Authorities arrested Bruder Thursday, and Hamby said she couldn't think of a motive for the abuse.

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