Man, 22, Charged with Abusing Mother, 91

Suspect under House Arrest During Confrontation

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HUBERT - A Hubert man was arrested for abuse and assault against his 91-year-old adopted mother Tuesday, allegedly starting a fight under house arrest.

Nathan John Coscia, 22, was charged with felony abuse of a disabled or elderly person, assault on a female, and interfering with emergency communications. He also faces one charge of injury to personal property, after causing damage to the home during the confrontation.

According to the Onslow County Sheriff's Office, the suspect grabbed his adopted mother, Audrey M. Coscia, by both arms. The assault resulted in brusing, committed "with malice aforethought," according to warrants.

The son lives in the same house as his adopted mother, on East Ivybridge Drive. Warrants state the man pulled out the phone chords during the confrontation to prevent calls to 911.

In an interview at her home Wednesday, Coscia said her son has a history of being verbally abusive.

"He brought everything on himself," Coscia said. "And he knows that."

Coscia's call to 911 dispatched an Onslow County deputy to her home, and the 22-year-old was quickly arrested. But the mother denied she was physically harmed.

"Nathan did not, and I repeat, he did not lay a hand on me," Coscia said. "I never have been afraid of him. And I don't want to feel that way. But if he had put a hand on me, I really would be."

The Sheriff's Office disagrees, calling the suspect's actions abuse and assault. When asked if she thought her son should face charges for the alleged assault, Coscia's answer was simple.

"Whatever the authorities deem necessary for him, i think he should get."

The suspect remains in the Onslow County Jail under a $10,000 bond. North Carolina Department of Correction records reveal Coscia was under house arrest for forgery and obtaining property through worthless checks. The NCDOC lists offenses committed by Coscia extending back to March 2009.

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