Man, 102, still regrets vote for Hoover

PORTAGE, Ind. - A Portage, Ind., man who has been voting since 1932 still regreats one of those votes.

Kenneth Bryan, who is 102 years old, still remembers when he cast his vote for Republican incumbent Herbert Hoover, who lost in the '32 election to Franklin D. Roosevelt.

"I voted for that Hoover, but I shouldn't have done that," Kenneth told Jerry Davich with the Post-Tribune on Tuesday morning.

Kenneth was at his polling place with his wife of 67 years, Catherine.

"We've been voting forever it seems," Cathering, who is 89 years old, told the newspaper.

Both said they were hopeful that the candidate they voted for on Tuesday would win the election, but they didn't say this time who that was.


Read more Jerry Davich in the Post-Tribune.

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