Mailboxes knocked down during snow storm cleanup

Mailboxes knocked down during snow storm cleanup

REELSBORO, PAMLICO COUNTY - When the Department of Transportation cleaned up the snow fall on the roads in Pamlico County, they knocked out a few mailboxes in the process.

One of those mailboxes belonged to Tommy Ireland of Reelsboro.

"The mailbox itself was touching the ground, it was definitely smashed and there was no way it could be saved," said Ireland. "These guys did a great job cleaning up the roads, but it seems like someone could have stopped and commented or apologized."

Ireland said he saw the DOT trucks cleaning up his street. He saw how the trucks were moving along the road, scrapping up the ice with the blades, and dumping the snow on the side of the roads.

It was during that process that Ireland's and other homeowners mailboxes were dismantled.

NewsChannel 12 called the US Post Office, and an employee said a letter-man cannot deliver mail if your mailbox is broken. For people whose mailboxes were damaged, they had to pick up their mail at their local post office until their mailboxes were fixed.

We spoke with the DOT about the issue, and the department says they take full responsibility and will be more than happy to fix the damage.

"It can happen and it has happened," said DOT Maintenance Engineer, Gordy Eure. " They can contact us.....and we will repair it, if it can be prepared. And if it can't be repaired, we will replace it."

If your mailbox was damaged during the road cleanup, you will need to contact your local county DOT office. 

If you live in Pamlico County, that contact number is (252)-514-4716. Officials say they will walk you through the process of getting your mailbox fixed.

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