MacBooks for every student

Jones Senior High School purchases laptops for kids

MacBooks for every student

JONES COUNTY - Carrying books in backpacks is old school now that every student at Jones Senior High as brand new MacBooks.  BJ Lewis's science class is typing notes instead of taking them down.

"You kind of have to reinvent the wheel and come up with new computer integrated things.  We're teaching from the other side of the desk, now.  It's kind of interesting," said Lewis.

The MacBooks were purchased by a 750,000 dollar Golden Leaf Grant.  Pencils are replaced by touch pads.  Erasers replaced by the backspace, and questions can be answered with a web search.

"You can research something you don't know how to spell.  You can click the dictionary or hop on Google.  If you forget a formula in math class, you can hop on the computer," said Kabrina Clarke, a JSHS Junior.

The goal is to teach the students computer skills to use after graduation.

"If our students graduate here and they're really comfortable with Macs and technology in general, then, we know they're going to be more successful ," said JSHS Principal, Chris Meadows.

The staff and teachers say our school may be in a small town, but that doesn't mean we can't be on cutting edge of technology. 

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