Lower water levels in Broad Creek after Sandy

WASHINGTON - The winds from Hurricane Sandy are now blowing from the west and pushing water out of the rivers causing local boat owners to keep a close eye on the water levels.

McCotter's Marina in the Broad Creek area in Beaufort County is one of those places.

Richard Bossey said he was traveling down from Maine to Florida when he got wind of Sandy.

He said he put his boat in the marina to wait out the storm.

"We tied the boat in a spider web configuration and she road quite nice," Bossey said.

Bossey has been living on his boat, Sovereign, with his wife for the last ten years. He said it's important to know how to protect your boat from damage.

"On a dock like this which is not a floating dock you have to watch so the boat doesn't rise above the dock. And then when she drops down you want to make sure it's supported on all sides when she's in the mud and she's not leaning on her side," he said.

As of Monday afternoon, the boats at McCotter's Marina were sitting in six feet of water. Bossey said if the water level gets below four feet of water he won't be able to leave the marina.

Manager Mark Henley said the water level rises and falls frequently.

"The water came up as the storm approached with winds from the north and east and now it has dropped with the winds shifting to the west but it hasn't dropped as much as we thought it might," Henley said.

However, just in case Henley said several boat owners didn't want to take a chance. Twelve boats were taken out of the water prior to Sandy so if this happened their boats wouldn't get stuck in the mud.

Henley said if the water does recede the boats will be in soft mud as opposed to rough sand.

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