Local woman raises awareness about her rare cancer

Local woman raises awareness about her rare cancer

HAVELOCK, CRAVEN COUNTY - A Craven County woman is working to raise awareness about a rare form of cancer that she's fighting.

Cindy Sills, 56, of Havelock, was diagnosed with a soft-tissue cancer called Rhabdomyosarcoma last July. The news of the cancer came on Cindy's 35th wedding anniversary.

"I was devastated by it," said Don Sills, Cindy's husband.

According to an article by UNC Health Care, Rhabdomyosarcoma is a cancerous tumor of the muscles that are attached to bones. It is the most common soft tissue tumor found in children, but is extremely rare in adults.

Cindy said the cancer was at stage four when doctors found it.

 "I said, ‘I've got some work to do then,'" Cindy told NewsChannel 12.

Cindy said she remained positive through weeks of chemotherapy and radiation treatments, which have shrunk her tumors. Her positive attitude encouraged her husband to start a Facebook group called "Cindy's Rainbow."

"After we came home from the hospital after the diagnosis, right over our house was a giant rainbow," Cindy said. "So Don took a picture of it and decided to have a web page called 'Cindy's Rainbow.'"

The couple hopes the group will raise awareness of the cancer for future generations.

"I just know I was brought here for a reason, and I think to bring awareness to this cancer is actually the main reason," Cindy said.

The couple is also selling "Cindy's Rainbow" wristbands to generate donations for the Sarcoma Foundation. So far, more than $300 has been raised.

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