Local woman donates her kidney to a stranger

Local woman donates her kidney to a stranger

NEW BERN, CRAVEN COUNTY - Two North Carolinians who were strangers, now say their lives are changed forever.

Brandi Neer said she's your average mother and wife who works as a respiratory therapist at Carolina East Medical Center in New Bern. But in June Neer decided she wanted to give back, in a way that would save someone's life.

"I'm no super hero. I'm just a normal human being who cares for somebody and this person I didn't even know, but they became family," Neer said.  

Lake Norman resident Mark Carter said he is a retired high school teacher and basketball coach who was in need of a hero.

"There are times in everyone's life when they experience happiness, but there are a few times in your life when you experience pure joy," Carter explained.

Carter said he has been on a dialysis machine for three years after his first kidney transplant failed. He said his sickness started at a young age, when he got a bad case of strep throat that severely damaged his kidney.

Carter said he soon found himself on a transplant list, waiting and hoping for a miracle. So he made a facebook page called "Mark needs a kidney," and one of his first likes was his angel who he calls Brandi.

"I had this "Mark needs a kidney" page popped up on my facebook, and for the love of me I don't know how it got there but I just knew that it did this little voice in my head said, you're the match for him, you need to do this," Neer said.

After weeks of testing, Neer said she found out she was a match and a few days later they met for the first time.

"First time I every laid eyes on an angel in my life. She just told me this is going to work. You just do what you got to do and I'll be there when it's time," Carter said.

On February 6th Carter was able to have a normal shot at life by getting a new kidney.

"It's just been an amazing ride since then. I get better every day, the kidney is functioning extraordinarily well and we are just very happy," he said.

Two people who started out as strangers, now say they're family.

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