Local voters embrace sales tax increase

County voters embrace sales tax increase

GREENE COUNTY - Voters in Greene County on November 6th passed a quarter-percent increase to the county's sales tax, taking the sales tax from 6.75% to 7%.  The amendment, which failed twice before, passed with 57% of votes.

Charissa Lewis, a Greene County resident, said the referendum is long overdo.

"I feel like the money is needed here, the best way to get it is to spread it around and have everybody pay their fair share or equal share of the taxes," she said. "There's just things that we don't have here, and we have to do without."

Lewis said she hopes the money goes to areas like education and recreation to help bring more to the area.

Carl Hardy, owner of Hardy's Appliance and Furniture in Snow Hill, said the increased sales tax will get the county the extra money it needs without burdening citizens with a higher property tax.

"If someone comes into my store and buys a sofa from Pitt County, Lenoir County or Wayne County, they're paying just a little tiny bit more sales tax, but it's helping Greene County," he said.

A message with the county manager was not immediately returned.

According to county records, Pitt and Onslow Counties imposed a 7% sales tax for 2012. Other nearby counties, including Lenoir, Craven and Carteret, are a quarter-percent lower, at 6.75%.

A sales tax referendum was turned down by voters in Lenoir County. The referendum also proposed a quarter-percent increase for 2013.

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