Local veteran experiences several break-ins

Local veteran experiences several break-ins

JONES COUNTY -  A local veteran said his home has been broken into twice in the last eight months. Friday, he said someone tried to break into his home again.

"My house keeps getting broken into and I want it to stop," Thurman said.

Thurman Miller has lived on Burkett Road in Jones County, near Dover for more than 60 years. He said crime has never been a problem until recently.

"I want do something myself, but I know it would be against the law," Thurman said.

He said the first break-in happened eight months ago, and the second two weeks ago.

Both times they've taken his flat screen TV's along with other valuables.

"I feel kind of bad, because that's the only company I had. They stole two flat screen TV's from me," Thurman said.

Thurman said it always happens in the daytime.

"I got mad again, but there is nothing I can do it about it, but I know who did it," Thurman said.

He believes the same person tried to break into his home again after he left the house Friday afternoon.

His father, Hoyal Miller, who lives next door said he's been a victim of break-ins too.

"All my shirts and things scattered on the floor. He is looking in there for money I guess," Hoyal said.

Thurman hopes the sheriff's department will be able to solve the cases soon, and arrest the thief.

NewsChannel12 spoke with Jones County Criminal Investigator, Brian Pecilli, who is the detective on the case. He said they have exhausted their leads for the Millers last two break-ins.  However, they are hoping this new incident will help them find new information to further the ongoing investigation.

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