Local teacher wins state title of 'New Teacher of the Year'

HAVELOCK, CRAVEN COUNTY - Tommy Andrews, the Automotive Technology and Mechanics Instructor at Havelock High School was selected by the North Carolina Trades and Industrial Education Teachers Association as 'New Teacher of the Year'.

Andrews was surprised by the selection. He did not know he had been entered for the award. Havelock High School Principal Dr. Jeff Murphy says Andrews is a natural.

"He's a modest guy but he just has talent he has skills. I mean, people discount that teaching is a talent sometimes. You can learn the craft but there are some of those people who are just talented and Tommy is one of those guys." says Dr. Murphy.

Andrews says he just concentrates on getting students ready for the real world. He has helped get new equipment in over the past year paid for with Federal money like new tire machines, a new wheel balancer, and a new lift.

"This is very similar if not the same equipment they are using in dealerships." says Andrews.

Andrews used to attend at Havelock High. He says it is good to know he can help new students discover mechanics the same way he did more than ten years ago.

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