Local star Antwan Scott and Dennis Rodman to N. Korea

Scott, Rodman to play basketball for Dictator Kim Jong Un

Local star Antwan Scott and Dennis Rodman to N. Korea

NEW BERN, CRAVEN COUNTY - Antwan Scott is used to making headlines for his play on the hardwood. However, his next trip is one that is sure to have people talking.

Scott is a New Bern native who went on to play basketball at Wake Forest. Since his graduation, he has been traveling the world with The Harlem Globetrotters and AND1 tour, among others.

During his travels, he came into contact with Dennis Rodman, and they've been friends since. Rodman has taken recent criticism for traveling to North Korea to meet with the country's leader, Kim Jong Un. Rodman has scheduled another trip for this Saturday. This time, he's taking Scott with him.

"This is something that Dennis Rodman always wanted to do. To use basketball to show that like, you know, through the sport we can go anywhere and have peace," said Scott.

Scott says he doesn't know too much about the trip. However, he does know they, along with a handful of other players, are going to North Korea to play a game for Kim's birthday. "They're gonna be real strict about us taking pictures. Like, we are told if we take pictures of certain things, they can take our phones or camera and delete 'em," said Scott.

Scott is scheduled to depart just days after Kim hinted at the possibility of a nuclear standoff against the United States. He admits he's nervous, yet said this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. "Who else has done this? Who's done what he's done already, by even going over there and sitting and eating at this man's house, who's done that so far?"

Scott insists this trip isn't for show. He hopes that it will bring peace between North Korea and the United States. "Maybe I can get to understand how they work a little bit better by being there, than just what I read or what other people say."

Scott says he flies out Saturday for Beijing, China. He'll spend a few days there before heading to North Korea, where he will be for an additional two days. He plans to return late next week.

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