Local shops stake a claim on Saturday

Small Business Saturday

Craven County - Black Friday frequently registers scenes of mobs in our brain every holiday season. And while bigwig companies rake in the dough, small businesses are often left out in the cold.

To help bring money back to the communities of America, a special day has been designated to feature local shops. It is called Small Business Saturday. For two years now, an effort is being made across the country to get people to buy local the Saturday directly following Thanksgiving.

Here in eastern Carolina, some shoppers were out specifically for Small Business Saturday. One New Bern Resident, Jackie Barnes, says it is important to her.

"We ate at Captain Ratty's this morning... and now we're headed up to what used to be Port City Java," said Barnes. "We're going to get coffee up there and we're going to do a bit of Christmas shopping after that."

Barnes says she likes to boost New Bern's economy specifically because of the closed draw bridge in 2010, which dampened sales.

Lisa Rinaldi is a small business owner in downtown New Bern. She says it is important to have a day focused on local sales.

"We all need support, and we all need the customers to come down," said Rinaldi.

Rinaldi says they saw a boost in sales on Black Friday, and Saturday started off strong. Her shop, "My Favorite Things", is offering big discounts for the event.

"We didn't want to do a big blanket discount on everything, so to make it more exciting we did the grab bag." said Rinaldi.

After shoppers pick out their purchases, Rinaldi lets them draw a mystery ticket from a discount bag. Each ticket is stamped with an amount the customer can take off of their immediate purchase.

Shop owners say it is nice Small Business Saturday falls on the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend. With many visitors in town, it helps draw new crowds and additional profits.

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