Local residents react to presidential debate

Local residents react to presidential debate (Reporter: Brannon)

GREENVILLE - More than 58 million people watched Wednesday night's debate between President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney.

The main points that were discussed were taxes, jobs and the economy.

Experts said Romney came out of the gate with a strategy in place. He used power words and listed his points in a number order.

Obama on the other hand, went for a more teaching strategy and was much more reserved.

Richard O'Dor, the director of business communications at the College of Business at East Carolina University, weighed in on how the governor and president performed.

"[Romney] came out with a lot more emotion. [He] has been criticized in the past for not having that type of connection. Obama was much more of a professor explaining the content. [However], explaining it almost looks like you're apologizing for it," O'Dor said.

O'Dor also said the boardroom type strategy Romney used this round isn't going to work for the upcoming debates. He said the governor has to give more explanations when it comes to foreign policy.

O'Dor said Obama can't use every answer as a teaching moment in the next debate or it may end up hurting him in the end.

Experts aren't the only ones analyzing the debate. It's also on the minds of college students on ECU's campus.

"I thought Romney won. He spoke to the camera especially in his closing statement. He spoke straight into my house. He came and he sat in my living room with me and my mom and that's what really got me," Sophomore Jessie Smith said.

However, college democrats president Uriah Ward saw things differently.

"If you just go off of body language you might be able to say Romney was the winner. But if facts matter at all then Obama was the clear winner," Ward said.

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