Local residents getting ahead of Andrea

Oriental residents are trying to stay ahead of the storm

ORIENTAL, PAMLICO COUNTY - Low-lying Pamlico County is prone to flooding during storms. Neighbors battled water-logged homes during and after Hurricane Irene and many are trying to stay ahead of the next storm.

Locals said the bridge on Hodges Street in Oriental always floods during a storm, making it difficult to cross and already parked vehicles to become stuck.

"First spot that floods in Oriental is pretty much right there and it just builds up from here and works its way right towards the shops and other businesses," said Eric Kindle.

Kindle is the owner of The Bean Coffee Shop, located right in the middle of the bridge. He said when Hurricane Irene hit Oriental his store was underwater. Kindle says he had to close up shop for two months and completely rebuild.

"Since Irene we're take things a little more seriously. We move stuff up off the floor and move all furniture. Also have generators ready and stuff like that," he said.

Stewart and Judy Miller are from Florida and boating up the coast to the Chesapeake Bay. But with a storm on the way the couple said they plan to bear down the hatches and prepare for anything.

"If you wait until the weather starts to deteriorate then you're fighting the weather, the wind and the rain and everything," said Stewart Miller.

Miller said they started tying down the boat Thursday morning.

"We got probably 12 to 14 lines on the boat to keep us steady in case the winds start blowing in the 30 to 40 mph range," he said.

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