GUC urging customers to check for leaking water and broken pipes

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GREENVILLE, Pitt County - Greenville Utilities is asking everyone to keep an ear and an eye out for water problems as temperatures begin to rise above freezing for the first time in nearly five days.

Now that temperatures are rising and the sun is starting to warm the ground, these broken pipes are starting to gush water and place a huge demand on GUC's water system. GUC is asking all customers to take a few moments today to stop, look and listen.

-- Check to make sure all faucets, washers, dishwashers, and toilets are not running. If those are all off and you still hear water running in the pipes, you may have a broken pipe.

-- Look at where your pipes are: in crawl spaces, outside spigots, and possibly in your yard. Look for signs of water running when it's not supposed to. If you see a problem, call a plumber.

-- If you don't see any problems, but you hear water running and know all faucets and washers are shut off, then look at the water meter outside. If the dial is spinning, then water is running in (and out) of your system.

-- Call a plumber immediately.

Running water runs up your water and sewer bills, stresses the water system, and could cause a lot of expensive damage to your home.
For more information about preparing your home for cold temperatures, go to guc.com/prevent-frozen-pipes.

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