Craven Community College conducts active shooter trainer exercise

VIDEO: Craven Community College...

NEW BERN, Craven County - According to the FBI, there were 20 recorded active shootings in 2015. In 2000, there was only one.

The dramatic rise means knowing what to do in the event of a shooting is critical. That's what was going on at Craven Community College Friday morning with an active shooter exercise.

The purpose of the exercise was to present a scenario that is as real as possible so first responders and staff of the college can better understand how to react.

"We knew that it was not a real situation, but to hear some of the sounds, see some of the sights, it does make it feel very real," said Kim Jones, a staff member at Craven Community College.

Nine different agencies worked together to capture an active shooter, rescue victims from a bombing and negotiate the release of a hostage.

"Everybody's gotta work together, communication is a key," Officer Alyssa Liles said. "Without communication, no one's gonna know anything."

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