Local military base calling all furloughed employees back to work

MCAS CHERRY POINT - After President Barack Obama signed a measure into law reopening the federal government and averting a potential default, Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point announced all furloughed employees are expected to report back to work.

Congress voted late Wednesday night to end the 16-day government shutdown and raise the government's borrowing limit. But according to ABC News, the government spending measure was only a temporary truce.

Lawmakers confirmed early Thursday morning that there would be another discussion over spending early next year.  Much of the government was open for business early Thursday. 

NewsChannel 12 made several phone calls to Eastern Carolina military bases Thursday. Officials confirmed that all furloughed employees at MCAS Cherry Point are being called back to work starting Thursday morning.  

The federal government also announced that all furloughed employees who have been off work through the government shutdown will receive back pay.  

NewsChannel 12 is working to get in touch with more base officials. 

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