Local man turns old surfboards into works of art

Creating Fish From Surfboards: A Sculpting Surfer

BEAUFORT - A Carteret County man has been putting food on the table for the past 25 years with his surfboard crafted sculptures.

Craig Gurganus is an Artist, Surfer, and Fishermen. He combined all of those hobbies 25 years ago into one art. Gurganus takes old, beat down surfboards and turns them into colorful sculptures.

"I broke my surfboard [25 years ago]. It was the only board I had," Gurganus said. "Then the idea came to me to make something out of my broken board."

His business, Fish Bouffant, operates out of his home in the town of Beaufort. Gurganus creates a multitude of different types of fish. From marlin, to wahoo, to jellyfish, Gurganus will pretty much make anything.

Here's how it works, after carving off the outer layer of the surfboard, Gurganus cuts a rough outline of the fish he is going to make. Gurganus then uses shish kabob skewers, cloth, spray paint, and resin to make the fish's skin and fins. A single fish could take a couple days. Though, Gurganus said he works on several at a time.

"I hope maybe that's the way I am period, Fun and lighthearted." Gurganus said. "I'm an artist but it's more fun making people happy. And these fish, they seem to make people real happy."

The price for one of Gurganus's fishy creations is about $100 a foot.

Gurganus's home will be part of an old homes tour in Beaufort on June 29th and 30th. His art can be viewed from his home then.

They are for sale by calling (252)504-1589

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