Local man plans to sail around world

Local man plans to sail around world

ORIENTAL, PAMLICO COUNTY - A local man is preparing for what may become one of the most challenging journeys in his life- a sailing trip around the world.

Daniel Sockwell, of New Bern, has been sailing along the East Coast for six years. While in Oriental Wednesday, he told NewsChannel 12 why he now wants to embark on a trip around the globe.

"I love sailing. But I really love meeting people and being out in the world, and this is the best method for me to make that happen" said Sockwell.

With a crew of four, Sockwell plans to start his sailing trip around the world sometime this weekend from Beaufort. Sockwell said he will hit the Gulf Stream to the Virgin Islands. From there, he'll take off to South America, Australia, Asia and then back to the Atlantic.

Sockwell had to wait until the end of the hurricane season to set sail. He said he'll spend some time in the Caribbean, all while maintaining his online web design and photography business, a project he started three years ago to help finance his trip.  

The crew will use state-of-the-art technology to navigate, get weather reports, and stay in constant communication with the homeland. They will also be keeping a daily blog on their website,, where viewers can track the team's progress, as well as watch pictures and videos.

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