Local mailman shot helping his neighbor is rewarded

Local mailman shot helping his neighbor is rewarded

BEAUFORT, CARTERET COUNTY -  McArthur Wright took a bullet for his neighbor.

 "When I opened the door to let her in she said, ‘My brother he's crazy. He's trying to kill me'. So, you know I brought her in. When I tried to close the door, he shot through the door," Wright said.

That shot  hit McArthur in the upper-right torso.

The neighbor, Susan Salazar, had been chased by her brother with a gun. Beaufort Police later came to the scene and killed the brother while he was in the process of reloading his gun, investigators said. The gunman was inside McArthur's home with his wife and Salazar.  

Less than a month later, McArthur is all smiles. Even, with a titanium rod in his arm.

"They say laughing helps, and right now I am not even thinking about it. I don't really feel the pain. I actually have some wiggling in my fingers right now," McArthur said.

 McArthur is also a mailman in Beaufort. Sunday, his town thanked him. Former Postmaster, Jane Ellis helped organize a fundraiser for McArthur's medical expenses.

"Everyone in town that he delivers mail to knows him and loves him," said Ellis.

The Backstreet Pub and Beaufort Oars Club along with help from the community donated everything for the fundraiser and silent auction.

McArthur's wife said he is on sick leave from the post office, and will not be able to drive for at least 12 weeks.

The district attorney found the officer justified in killing the gunman from the November 1 shooting.

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