Local Loggers No Longer On Reality Show

The Discovery Channel and Goodson's All-Terrain Logging Split

JACKSONVILLE - You may know Goodson's All-Terrain Logging from the reality show "Swamp Loggers". Bobby Goodson, his son, Justin, and the crew went from locals to celebrity loggers overnight.

"I thought it would just be one guy with a camera getting video. When I pulled up the first day of shooting, there were 4 SUV's with about 12-13 people inside. I was immediately attacked as I was trying to exit my truck by cameras, lights and this big white board. I said "Oh my God, what have I gotten myself into," said Bobby.

The film crew got up to 200 hours of video for 44 minutes of the show.

"It was a fun experience. There were times you'd get aggravated or they'd get in the way. Overall, it was a good experience," said Justin.

Our local swamp loggers completed their last season with the reality show. The company did not sign for more episodes because they were asked to do more than just cut trees.

"They wanted us to start having more fighting, more drama and I'm not willing to do that," said Bobby.

Now, the film crew is gone but the logging crew keeps on trucking.

"We get a little more done but we were pretty much the same whether they were filming or not," said Justin.

Bobby has big plans for the future.

"I'm just going to try to concentrate on making the job more efficient and update some equipment," said Bobby.

It was a good run for Goodson's All-Terrain Logging, but it was a decision to keep the real in reality.

TORI TIDBIT: The reason Bobby agreed to do the show was because he wanted to share with his love of logging with his grandchildren.

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