Local legend receives prestigious 'Long Leaf Pine' award

0307 Miss Elinor award ceremony

COVE CITY, CRAVEN COUNTY - A local legend was honored Thursday night with the Order of the Long Leaf Pine, one of the most prestigious awards presented by the Governor of North Carolina.

Miss Elinor Hawkins received the honor in her home town of Cove City. Her accomplishments include helping to open eight libraries in Eastern Carolina. Miss Elinor has also been hosting Tell-A-Story on NewsChannel 12 for half a century

"I want to thank Channel 12 for 50 years of being able to go into homes of all these children on Saturday mornings, to read them stories and to tell them about the wonderful world of books, that can be checked out in many [local] libraries," Miss Elinor said.

Those who attended the ceremony at the Cove City Library gave Miss Elinor a standing ovation. The Order of the Long Leaf Pine was created in 1965.

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