Local gun store ad banned from cable company

0120 gun ad ban vid

SURF CITY -       An Onslow County gun store owner is upset, after her ads were been pulled from cable channels.

Dorothy Royal, owner of Surf City guns and Ammo on Atkinson Point Road, said she had a contract with Time Warner Cable. After the Sandy Hook tragedy, she said she understood why the company temporarily pulled the gun ads and she was OK with it. A month later she thought her ads would be back on the air but they aren't.

 "My commercials weren't airing anymore and when I contacted our ad rep he said they changed their programming requirements," said Royal. "They don't want gun shop commercials on there, they feel it shows the "evil" side of guns and I thought what? If they are going to pull the TV shows that represent gun violence I would have no problem with it, but to tell me the only reason for pulling is because we represent guns and that guns represent violence that is where it crosses the lines."

 As a result of the shooting Time Warner changed its policy, banning ads  that show semi-automatic weapons and guns pointed at people. Time Warner told a Channel 12 affiliate in Wilmington "Viewers make a conscious choice to watch particular TV programs and movies, and tools like TV and movie ratings and the parental control features of our Digital TV service help consumers make informed viewing choices for their families. Consumers don't choose the advertising that airs during a particular show, so it's appropriate for us to have a policy."

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