Local Gator Bite Survivor: Man Wasn't Thinking

Carteret Man Says Gator Never Intended to Kill

0813 Gator Reaction Video

PELETIER - Local scientist Fred Boyce tried to move a 250-pound gator in Carteret County May 15. Now, the man made famous by the attack video weighs in on the latest bite caught on camera.

An alligator show outside of Cleveland took a wild and violent turn Thursday, after the gator bit into a trainer's arm, clamping down in front of a packed audience.

"The trainer wasn't thinking," Boyce said in an interview Monday night. "An animal like that should never be antagonized on purpose."

The Wildlife Entertainment & Education, Inc. Kachunga Alligator Show was one of the main attractions at the Cuyahoga County Fair in Berea, Ohio.

Trainer Danny Beck attempted to wrestle the 7½ foot, 180 pound gator from behind. During the show, the animal snapped down on his arm, a move Boyce said was defensive.

"Gators will not attack people unless they absolutely have to," Boyce said as he watched the video of Thursday's incident. "If they think they're in danger, they go into survival mode, simply react, and bite down."

Boyce said gators rarely attack people - humans aren't tasty items on the reptiles' menu.

Another trainer at the Ohio event freed Beck's arm, and the man walked away bleeding. His wounds only required stitches, and the trainer was released from the hospital with a bandage around his elbow and lower arm.

May 15, 2012, a 250-pound alligator bit Boyce when he tried to move the animal out of a woman's front yard. The incident was captured by iPhone video, and received international news coverage.

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