It’s strawberry season in eastern North Carolina…

And things are in full swing at the Cottle Farm in Duplin County

Known for their delicious strawberries and blueberries, the company recently added Muscadine grapes to their crops.

“We started growing it because it is such a healthy crop and we wanted to get it out there in front of people and try to introduce Muscadine because so many people don’t know about it” said owner Ron Cottle”

According to Cottle, each year a third to a half of his crops are wasted due to the diverse weather in North Carolina.  So the company decided to come up with a way to use all three products.

They came up with Juvn8.  A healthy fruit smoothie with plenty of antioxidants

 “What we are doing is we are taking the whole grape and pureeing it, the seeds, the skin, the pulp, everything, the really good stuff, that a lot of people disregard, is actually in the smoothie” said Cottle.

Juvn8 was launched in March, and already the demand is high and selling in all food lions across North Carolina and other stores in five states across the south east.