Local couple transforms downed trees into works of art

Local couple transforms downed trees into works of art

Lowland, Pamlico County - Tina Wood and Danny Malone spend their days splitting, sawing, and sanding chunks of downed trees into original works of art. All of their custom creations are displayed at their shop on Goose Creek Island called Island Art and Sign.

"My favorite part is the end result, what it's going to look like in the end and actually showing that its turning into something, you know?" said Tina Wood.

Wood and Malone started turning their creations into a business when Hurricane Irene blew through. The storm provided piles of downed trees, which they use to create wooden turtles, bears and birds and more.

"It's all recycled wood from the hurricane. When Irene hit it was a bad time around here, but it helped us in a way," says Wood.

Danny Malone air brushes and paints. Wood says his ideas are the catalyst to some of the carvings she makes.

"He's an inspiration to me. I can see what he can do with his artwork and stuff, his airbrushing, the details in it and stuff, and it inspires me," says Wood.

Now with the addition of a saw mill, the couple can begin to make bigger pieces with fewer limitations.

Coincidentally, an old saw mill used to be at the exact same location that Island Art and Sign currently is.

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