Local company making a global impact

Local company making a global impact

NEW BERN, CRAVEN COUNTY - A local company played a major role in making sure the winter Olympics in Sochi were televised worldwide.

SOS Global Express in New Bern is a logistics company on Trent Road that helps major broadcasters ship the equipment they need to televise worldwide events .

SOS Director of International Operations Brandon Boles said the company made New Bern their headquarters in 1994

"We like to think we're New Bern's little secret," he said.

Boles said on any given you can find 85 employees working around the clock.

"If you watched anything on TV, live broadcast, on the past weeks or two, chances are our foot prints are there," he explained.

Boles said by the time they get done with one major event, they're already gearing up for the next.

SOS Global Express started preparing for the Sochi Olympic Games two years ago. Boles said getting ready for the world cup this summer in Brazil has been three years in the making.

"You have to have multiple teams working on different things at all times," he explained.

SOS also provides equipment for Super Bowls, NBA Finals, American Idol, and X Games to name a few.

Boles said they carry about 40,000 pounds of equipment in their trucks across the country. He said they recently shipped 69 ,000 kilos of equipment from Sochi on one of their planes.

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