Local business makes national splash

Local business makes national splash

EMERALD ISLE - A Carteret County business has found its way into the pages of a respected business magazine by rapidly growing despite the recession.

Transportation Impact is a business that manage small package agreements from companies that spend more than $200,000 on shipping to reduce cost. Or in simpler terms, they save big companies money on shipping. The company has clients all over the country.

"I'd say in the first year or two we had customers in NC and customers in Southern CA," said Travis Burt, co-founder of transportation impact.

The company was started in 2008 by both Burt and Keith Byrd, both worked for UPS in excess of 20 years at the time. They started working in the back room of a surf shop, but have grown the business to be worth more than $7 million.

Transportation Impact and their sister business, First Flight Solutions have each made their way to the pages of Inc. 500, a national magazine for growing private businesses. First Flight Solutions made the top 100 at #183 for fastest growing businesses in the country. Transportation Impact missed the 500, but made the 5,000 at #547.

"We're not in this for the money, we're in this to reduce cost for our clients," Burt said. "If you go into business to make money you're probably not going to make very much of it."

But with any business venture, starting Transportation Impact came with its own set of risks.

"It was very scary, we didn't get a paycheck in the first 15 months," Burt said. "Which caused so me personal ups and downs."

Burt and Byrd's expertise came from already working in the shipping industry.

"Travis and I worked together at UPS for 20+ years  and we had this idea all  along that it would work," said Byrd.

The company has grown dramatically since opening. Both sides of the business have grown in excess of 2,000%. They now have 23 employees in Eastern North Carolina.

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