Local business leaves message to vandals

0114 business vandalism vid

Pollocksville -      A Jones County business located on Highway 17 is sending a unique message asking vandals to leave the place alone.

Michelle Williamson, Assistant Manager at Executive Auto Sales in Pollocksville Says the business has been the repeat target of vandals since late December.

She says two bricks have been thrown through the window, the handicapped ramp was destroyed while being installed, and another window had been shot at. All of the costly damage motivated her to take action with a spray can.

  "Please leave us alone! We work hard!! Please" was spray painted onto a tall piece of plywood and placed in front of a broken window.

"The motivation was very simple," said Williamson." It's just what it says, leave us alone work hard we want we want to be here we want to try to establish a business and we just want it to be without anyone getting hurt."

 According to Williamson, the dealership had only been open for a month when the attacks started happening.  The owner of Executive Auto Sales, Vernon Roberts says he is in the process of refurbishing the building.

 "The glass window there was $700, to have to do it again within 30 days and not to mention the bullet holes it's not something you want to be spending your startup capital on," said Williamson

 Several reports have been filed with the Jones County Sheriff's office.  Investigators tell Channel 12 they are looking into a few people of interest.

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