Airport officials at the Coastal Carolina Regional Airport and Pitt-Greenville Airport say they will continue to make safety a top priority.

With the recent shooting in a Los Angeles airport on Friday morning, we decided to see if Eastern Carolina airports would be making any changes to their safety procedures.

Coastal Carolina Regional Airport Director, Tom Braaten and Pitt-Greenville Airport Operation Manager, Gordon Rowell, told us while although they won't be adding any extra security precautions they are taking the Los Angeles airport shooting seriously.

'Everybody gets a little bit more vigilant," said Rowell when asked about the effect of the Los Angeles shooting at airports. "We're always trying to keep the public safe, that is our top interest."

Airport officials told us that law enforcement officers are always patrolling at Eastern Carolina airports, and security cameras are also an extra safety measure.

One Pitt-Greenville Airport passenger, Maria Ortega, was surprised to hear about the Los Angeles shooting.

"My husband asked me if I was afraid to fly," Ortega said. "I told him no, you have to be careful but this is a small city, so i don't think things like that will happen here."

Local airport officials say people shouldn't be afraid to come to the airport.