Llama wanders indoors to surprise seniors

Llama wanders indoors to surprise seniors

Ayden, Pitt County - A tamed llama hit the halls of Ayden Court Nursing Home in Pitt County, surprising seniors and spreading smiles.

The Llama's name is Hummer, and he is no stranger to indoor parties.

"You wouldn't believe the places he goes. Schools, churches, birthday parties..." said Co-owner of Oak Grove Stables, Martha Paschall.

Hummer visited at least ten seniors who stayed in their rooms. About a dozen other animals were waiting in a pen outside to meet residents.

"I have always wanted to see a llama in real life. It was wonderful." said Resident Gwendolyn Smith.

The visit was part of National Nursing Home week. Event planner at Ayden Court, June Turner, says they have had a special event planned each day.

"Farm day is special because a lot of our residents used to be on farms or be around animals like these." said Turner.

Oak Grove Stables Petting Zoo has gone to four different eastern Carolina nursing homes this week. But Ayden Courts was the only one to let the llama inside.

Paschall says Hummer does well indoors because of his disposition. She says unlike donkeys, llamas are naturally housebroken animals.

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