Living with Lyme Disease

Living with Lyme Disease

NEW BERN, CRAVEN COUNTY - As the weather turns warmer, people need to be tick-bite aware. According to the Tick-Borne Infections Council of North Carolina, Black Legged Ticks are active all year long, but there is an upswing in tick bites during spring, since more people are outdoors.

Not every tick carries Lyme Disease but the ones that do can transmit the disease to a person in just 24 hours. Experts say it is important to do tick checks and remove ticks immediately. That will decrease the likelihood of disease transmission.

Once contracted Lyme Disease stays with you for life. A local woman from James City, Nancy Hitchcock, tells us she got the disease after being bitten in her backyard.

"The symptoms are debilitating. It takes all your energy just to stay awake let alone to run a household or if you are a parent to run a family." Says Hitchcock.

Carolina East Medical Center reports in the last two months about 50 patients have come in with insect bites. Of those about 15 were tested for Lyme disease and 16 for Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

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