Little League Board: Vanceboro mayor did not shove 9-year-old

Mom accuses Little League coach of shoving 9-year-old player

VANCEBORO, CRAVEN COUNTY - The Twin Rivers Little League has decided that the mayor of Vanceboro did not maliciously shove a 9-year-old player during a game.

Jessica Coward said Vanceboro Mayor Chad Braxton shoved her 9-year-old son, Jordan, during the second game of this season. According to Coward, her son was running from second to third base when Braxton, who was coaching the boy, yelled at him to slide into third base.

Coward said Braxton then shoved her son. Coward recorded video of the incident (seen in the video above.)

Jordan also told NewsChannel 12 that Braxton pushed him.

But in a letter to Coward, Twin Rivers Little League (TRLL) Acting President David Dunn said Braxton did not shove Jordan.

"Based on the facts presented to the TRLL Board, we did not find that the coach maliciously shoved Jordan," Dunn said in the letter. "We concur with the game official's call that there was coach interference with the player."

The TRLL Board did decide to fulfill Coward's request to have her son placed on another team, said Dunn. The TRLL Board will buy him a new hat and jersey.

NewsChannel 12 also talked with Braxton, who said he did not shove Jordan, calling the allegations "blown out of proportion."

Umpire John Spier agreed, saying Braxton was running toward the child when they accidentally bumped into each other.

Jordan's family told NewsChannel 12 in a previous interview they would consider filing charges against Braxton if no disciplinary action is taken.


The mother of a 9-year-old boy says her son's coach turned physical during a game on Monday night.

Jessica Coward says her son, Jordan, has been playing baseball for a Twin Rivers Little League team in Vanceboro for three years. At the second game of this season, Jordan was running from second to third base when the coach yelled at him to slide into third base, according to Coward.

"That's when he shoved my son," Coward said.

The coach who is in the hot seat is Chad Braxton, the mayor of Vanceboro. He has been coaching Jordan for the past two years, said Coward.

Coward has a recording of the incident.

"The more I look at the video, the more I become disgusted about it, the more that I realized that we were wronged," Coward said.

Coward says she told the league about her concerns, which prompted a special meeting to be held on Thursday night by the board members.

During the meeting, Coward presented a recording of the night in question. The league also listened witnesses, such as the umpire of the game and Braxton himself.

The league came to a decision on Thursday, deciding if Braxton will or will not be disciplined. They will not be releasing that decision until Friday. A letter will be mailed to the parties involved, said board officials.

We spoke to the mayor about the incident and he says he did not shove the child.

"This whole thing has been blown out of proportion," Braxton said. "I did not shove him. In the video you don't see that," he said. 

John Spier was the umpire of the game. Spier says the coach was running towards the child when they accidentally and unexpectedly bumped into each other. The umpire says the coach was trying to encourage the child to get on the base so he wouldn't be out of the game.

We will keep you posted on the decision the board made.

The family of the child says if the board doesn't take any disciplinary action, they will consider filing charges against the coach.

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