Little girl hit by car home from hospital

GREENE COUNTY - Amber Jones, the girl hit by a car on Highway 13 back in May, is back home with her family.

NewsChannel 12 sat down with the 5-year-old as she continues to recover.

"I'm back home forever so I'm not going back anymore," Jones said.

Jones, who was fishing with family at a bridge near the Pitt/Greene county line, suffered serious head injuries in the incident after she ran across the road to grab a bag of chips.

"My mom told me to stop but I kept on going," she said.

She made it across one side okay but coming back was another story.

"I didn't see no cars coming by so I run back and then I got killed. And then I was asleep," she said.

Her sister, Jessey, was at a friends house when she got the phone call.

"The [doctors] told us she probably wasn't going to make it and there was a good chance she was going to die. So we were all upset and scared," she said.

Amber was in the hospital for almost a month before she was able to come home on May 29. Her parents credit their daughter's speedy recovery to the doctors at Vidant Medical Center for their excellent care.

"She kinda restarted everything like she's wearing diapers to bed. It has been hard but she's getting through it. We gotta watch her and stuff," she said.

Doctors told the family that Amber has to take it easy for at least a year when it comes to doing normal kid things like riding a bike or climbing a tree.  She also is taking speech therapy classes to regain anything she lost in the accident.

"They said if I hit my head again I'm going to be in the hospital again so I don't wanna do that," the little girl said.

A now cautious 5-year-old who said she'll be looking both ways in the future.

"I'm all better now so now I don't have to see the hospital anymore," she said.

The driver who hit Jones was not charged in the accident.

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