Lightning Strikes House Near Recent Home Explosion

Incidents 11 Days Apart, Across the Street from Each Other

0713 Lightning House

CRAVEN COUNTY - Firefighters responded to a Craven County neighborhood for the second time in two weeks, after lightning sparked three fires in an attic.

The fires broke out at 401 Connor Grant Road shortly after 4:00 p.m. Thursday. A family of four was inside when the lightning struck, and was initially not sure of what happened.

"All of a sudden I just heard these loud booms," said 11-year-old Devynn Baulch. "I just started screaming and ran downstairs to see what happened."

Lightning struck the side of the two-storey house, knocking side panels into the driveway and cutting the home's power. Insulation in the attic ignited, sending smoke filtering through the roof.

"I think I jumped and hit the ceiling when it hit," said 13-year-old Dylan Baulch. "We stayed outside as soon as we knew lightning hit our house, and not the woods in the backyard."

Across the street on June 29, a barbeque fire spread to an oxygen tank, and caused an explosion. The flames gutted the residence and melted the siding of a home several yards away.

Damage from Thursday's lightning strike was mostly contained to the attic, and no injuries were reported. New Bern Firefighters used thermal imaging cameras to find any electrical fires within the walls.

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