Lightning Strikes Home and Sparks Fire

Lightning Strikes Home and Sparks Fire

PITT COUNTY - A lightning strike during Monday night's storm sparked a fire at a Winterville home.

Fire Marshal Tony Smart said the home on Corbett Street has moderate fire damage and light water damage after being struck by lightning just before 8:30 p.m. Smart said the lightning actually struck the tree in front of the home then ricocheted, hitting an upstairs room and shattering the window.

Kevin Yardley said his wife and daughter were inside at the time and compared the sound to an explosion.

"My wife called me panicked and said she smelled something burning; she knew lightning hit the house, there was a big hole and she could see the tree outside," Yardley said. "I'm happy it happened over the garage. He (Yardley's son) does have a weight lifting set up there, and he does lift weights. He could have been killed, hit by lightning just working out."

No one was hurt.

Winterville Fire and Rescue officials said they respond to house fires caused by lightning usually around this time of year. They said the best thing for residents to do is stay alert.

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