Lightning strike strands boater for days off ENC coast

INDIAN BEACH, CARTERET COUNTY - A lightning strike caused a man to be stranded on his boat for days, before a helicopter saved him off the coast of Carteret County, rescue officials said.

According to the Coast Guard, Logan Lommatzsach was sailing from South Carolina to New Bern. But on Saturday, a lightning strike caused his navigational equipment to malfunction while he was in unfamiliar territory.

On Monday, Lommatzsach launched flares, prompting someone onshore to call 911, a Tow Boat U.S. official said. The Cherry Point helicopter, "Pedro," then rescued the boater five miles off Indian Beach late Monday night.

Lommatzsach was taken to Carteret General Hospital, but his condition was unknown, the official said. He was the only person on the boat.

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