Light display destroyed the day before Christmas Eve

Display was made for woman's ailing mother

Light display destroyed the day before Christmas Eve

BEAUFORT, CARTERET COUNTY - One local woman had a plan to make this Christmas special for her ailing mother. However, that plan was plowed over, just 2 days before the holiday.

Elizabeth Loftin says she created the display, at her home on Live Oak Street in Beaufort, as a way to make the holiday a memorable one for her mother, 80-year-old Betty Loftin. "When I was a little girl she just decorated the whole house, it looked like Christmas wonderland. And so I was trying to do for her, what she did for us as kids," she said.

Loftin said this year was different because her mother is sick, and it could be her last Christmas. "She's tough, she's been through a lot. But 80 years old, diabetic and with pneumonia," said Loftin. So she says she invested about $1,000 dollars into the display. There was a "horse and carriage and the packages out of Santa's sleigh. Snowmen and we had three sets of beautiful deer," she said.

However, Loftin says her plan was destroyed around 9:30 Monday night, when she came home to find her fences destroyed, and the display thrown throughout her yard. "It just tore my heart out. Because it was for her," she said.

Police say 18-year-old Todd Cogar, of Beaufort, was driving on Live Oak Street when he veered off the road. He then allegedly went through three yards, including Loftin's, taking her display with him. "I just absolutely couldn't believe it, I was like how did this happen," said Loftin.

Loftin says Betty will never get to see the display, for there is no money left to replace it. However, she says she has all she really needs for Christmas; her mother, a new grandson and the rest of her family.

Cogar was charged with failure to maintain lane control.

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