Licenses for DACA qualifiers

Pink stripe to be removed

DACA qualifiers can receive licenses

PITT COUNTY- - Immigrants in North Carolina who qualify under DACA could receive a drivers license starting Monday, March 25th.

DACA stands for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. It's for immigrants who were brought here by their parents as children and now want to work or study in the state.

North Carolina law states that temporary licenses must bear a distinguishing mark on the face. The original plan was to have a pink stripe on the license accompanied by the words "no lawful status".

Some people thought this stripe would cause discrimination against cardholders.

"I feel like this pink stripe or pink thing they were gonna put on the drivers license is, it links more into racial profiling," said Juvencio Peralta, Director of the Association for Mexicans in North Carolina.

The NC Department of Transportation decided to remove the pink stripe. Not because of the racial profiling controversy, but because of efficiency and assurance the DOT would meet the Monday deadline under cost, according to NCDOT Communications Director Mike Charbonneau.

The license will still read "no lawful status".

Some people don't think those qualifying under DACA should get a license at all. Bath resident William Hartman said, "We're using our money to give them licenses and to, like, pay for them and make sure they have tax money and everything like that. I don't feel like it's acceptable."

"This program is about accountability and safety, making our roads safer for all North Carolinians," said Transportation Secretary Tony Tata. "We have strong support from the North Carolina Sheriff's Association. Those approved through the DACA process will take driver exams and road tests, as well as provide proof of auto insurance prior to receiving a license."

Those interested in getting a license should contact their local drivers license office. They can also visit a DMV or their website.

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