Lenoir County Schools are adding a bus tracking program

Lenoir County Schools are adding GPS devices on their buses

LENOIR COUNTY - Lenoir County Schools are trying to keep their students safe when on board a bus.

At a board of education meeting this week school officials presented the idea of a real-time GPS tracking device for buses.

"Our main concern is student and driver safety," said Executive Director of Operations Brent Williams.

Williams said they only know the intended routes of their 141 school buses.

"We have our management system to create bus routes and what the bus route should be on any given day but this will allow us to have the accountability to know where buses actually are," said Williams.

He said the GPS devices will cost the school system $5,000 a month. That money is coming from the North Carolina Board of Education.

Transportation Director Anthony Mitchell said he started driving buses when he was in high school and says everyone can benefit from this system.

"It's like a big brother watching over you. They know where you're at not in a negative sense but in a positive sense," said Mitchell.

Bus drivers will also be able to use the GPS as a pay roll system to log in and out every day.

Williams said the district buses accumulate 1.3 million miles each year and the tracking system may decrease some of that mileage.

He said the GPS also offers a "parent portal" that allows parents to log on with an access code to get the exact time their child's bus will arrive.

"The way things happen today, in an event of an accident we can be dispatch quickly," said Mitchell.

Williams says after everything is approved the installation will take about four weeks.

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