Legal letter confuses locals

Legal letter confuses locals

GREENVILLE - Several homeowners living on Village Drive and surrounding streets in Greenville received letters from a law firm that said the North Carolina Department of Transportation had authorized condemning their homes for a road connector project.

However, those residents were never in danger of losing their homes to begin with.

The legal ads sent from Cauley and Pridgen law firm out of Raleigh state that "the North Carolina Department of Transportation has authorized the condemnation of your property" for the 10th street connector project, which will provide easier access between the university and Vidant Medical Center.

The firm was offering their services so homeowners could receive fair compensation for the value of their home if their home is condemned.

However, according to the N.C. DOT, the connector plan includes nearly two-hundred properties, but Village Drive and the surrounding streets are not part of the initial list.

Mayor Pro-Tem Rose Glover lives on Village Drive and said when she received this letter last week she was alarmed.

"It's not fair to say you're not affected and then come back and say you are affected. So, I just want the citizens in this area to know that [their homes are] not going to be affected," Glover said.

Chris Beacham, the lawyer whose firm sent out the advertisements, said he had requested public records from the N.C. DOT of people living in the area so that's where he got the list of people from.

Katherine White, with the DOT said they provided Beacham with a list of people. However, not every person on that list was in the area of condemnation. Thus, would not be affected by the upcoming project.

The DOT said they are still in the process of contacting those individuals who will be affected by the project. So far, they have been in contact with 111 property owners out of 197.

Construction is set to begin in December 2014.

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