Legal Drug In North Carolina

A fairly new drug that is legal in the state of North Carolina has a local school system adjusting its policies.

Many parents say they never heard of spice. So what is it?

Spice also known as K2 is a substance that has effects similar to marijuana. And it's legal. You can by the drug at convenience stores, or tobacco shops in Craven County. You're supposed to be eighteen years old to buy the herb that is actually used for incense and not meant for human consumption.

"It's scary to think that something like this is legal that you're able to go purchase this."

Says Catherine Bane, mother of two.

Craven County police met with area school resource officers to educate them on the drug and its dangers. The Craven county school system has even adjusted its regulations to include Spice as a banned substance.

"The Spice drug that is being used by teen is very harmful to their health. so we thought it was extremely important that the school system is aware and the students themselves."

Says Lt. Chandler Powell with the New Bern Police department.

Spice has been on the market for several years and has increased in popularity over time, causing a handful of states to take action.

More than ten states have already banned spice and parents are hoping north carolina becomes one of them.

"For me it's scary to think about my kids growing up and this being available to them in school and how this can effect society what this can lead to it's kinda scary to think about." says Bane.

A scary thought, but Tyndall is comforted knowing that police and school officials are making people aware of this potentially dangerous drug.

"I'm glad everybody's out there checking on these kids and telling them what's right and wrong and things that could happen to them. It's a good thing."

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